How the Partial Lunar Eclipse this 17th July can help you

The Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday is all about purging and releasing. The energies of this day is conducive for releasing whatever is no longer congruent in your energy, so that you can welcome new opportunities in your life.
If you meditate during this time, you can use the energy of the lunar eclipse to figure out what is no longer aligned with your energies, and to let go of what is no longer suitable for you. It is also important to pay attention to the environment around you, as there will be signs and revelations up to a week after if you have set the intention to purge the past and welcome the future.  However, some of you will need to wait until after the Mercury Retrograde to have everything fully fall into place.
Most people will feel a lot of instability during this period of change, and may be tempted to cling onto what is safe and secure. This will be counterproductive though, so it is best to just ground and allow yourself to flow.
As Pluto’s energy is looming over us, some of the purge and release may touch on your shadow aspects or lead you towards the darker areas of your life and personality. If so, acknowledge and accept in order to release. Should you feel it is too much for you to handle on your own, have the courage to reach out to energy healers for help.

Here are some recommendations for this period:
1) Remind yourself that you will be facing a period of change, and tap on that adventurous and risk taking side that you know you have.
Recommend: To help cope with the change, ground your energies constantly by visualising yourself as a tree growing roots into the ground. You can also carry or wear grounding crystals such as red jasper, hematite and black tourmaline.

2) Constantly clear your energy field clear of anything that you are purging and releasing. That way, you can keep a clear and conscious mind and maintain your clarity.
Recommend: Protect and clear your energy field using essential oils such as sage, frankincense or special protection oil blends such as Heart of Wizard. You can also smudge your energy field with Palo Santos. Use essential oils such as peppermint to help give your mind a temporary clearing
whenever you feel foggy during your cycles of purging.

3) Open your Heart to receiving. Allow yourself to tap into the positive energies that are incoming from the universe so that you can clear more effectively.
Recommend: Take deep breaths regularly during the day. Do heart opening asanas or simply roll your shoulders back, hold and breathe deeply several times a day.

4) Write down a list of what you want to release but leave it to the universe on what is the best timing to completely release it. That way, the lunar eclipse can help kickstart the process.