Opportunities & New Beginnings New Moon Energies in August

Coming right after the Mercury Retrograde, the new moon occurs on 1 August 2019 at 11:11am, making it an excellent time to set intentions to attract opportunities and new beginnings. The new moon is in Leo this time and brings out the uniqueness in all of us, helping us to understand that
creative aspect within each of us that makes us special.

The energy of Leo carries a boldness with it, making it conducive for us to access our inner child, to explore the unfamiliar sides of our personality, to have fun being courageous and adventurous. This is also the best time to understand your own power, strengths and limitations, so that you can decide where to direct your energies. For optimal clarity on which direction to go, and to discern which opportunities are best for you, it is crucial to work on clarifying your desires in a grounded manner, while working on your power and control.

To make best use of these energies, it is necessary to also open up your Abundance energy and figure out what blocks your flow of abundance.

Here are some recommendations for this period:
1) Set the intention to open up your energies to receive more positive energies and opportunities. 
– Do heart opening asanas or simply roll your shoulders back, hold and breathe deeply several times a day.
– You can also increase your positive energies by using Palo Santos to help keep your environmental energy uplifted and positive

2) Constantly ground your energies so that you don't become carried away by the opportunities and forget to take action. It is also easy to feel floaty and lose focus when your energy expands too quickly with all the positive abundance energies coming in
– Ground your energies constantly by visualising yourself as a tree growing roots into the ground.
– You can also carry or wear grounding crystals such as red jasper, hematite and black tourmaline. Try our ADL grounding pack which consists of a red jasper and clear quartz.

3) Clarify your desires.
Write down what you want clearly and without ambiguity. Place it under a crystal pyramid for best effect of manifestation.

4) Work on strengthening your Solar Plexus.
– Just focus on the Solar Plexus chakra and see it spinning anti-clockwise 36 times (for release of stress and stuck energy), then clockwise 36 times (for energising and strengthening).
– You can also carry or wear Tiger's Eye to help with the Solar Plexus energy.

5) Work on understanding your own power and allowing your energy to reveal your power.
You can meditate with a K2 stone in your left hand to help your energy show you your innate power and to help centre you.

6) Keep your body light and your energy uplifted and flowing so that you can seize opportunities quickly as they come along
– Work with guided meditations that help with the flow of energy.
– Experience Sound healing and lift your vibrational frequency.
– Enjoy a Seifu Rejuvenation session that works your meridians and kickstart your flow of energy.