8-8 Lions Gate Accelerate Your Spiritual and Inner Development

The Lions Gate Portal opens around 26 July and closes on 12 August 2019.
The portal’s main function is to bridge the gap between our physical and material realm with the realm of our Higher Consciousness. The strongest energy and alignment will happen on 8 August, hence invoking a strong 8-8 energy. This cosmic alignment allows strong energies to flow between the third – fourth dimension and the fifth dimension, giving us an opportunity to deepen our access to our higher consciousness and our higher self, thereby accelerating our spiritual growth.
The 8-8 energies also assist us in creating a solid foundation for the life we want to create, aiding us in strengthening our vision and bringing in the abundance consciousness while letting go of what no longer serve us.
This is also the best time to explore other realms of consciousness. Shamanic journeying, astral travelling, meditation to explore your inner consciousness is advised during this period. As the energies coming in are really strong, you may experience an increased sensitivity in your
energy field, some measure of physical discomfort and extraordinary things happening in your environment.
This is also the time for Ascension for those who are ready. Ascension can happen in the following ways:
1) Automatic activation of Ascension chakras especially the external chakras like Earth Chakra, Soulstar Chakra, Stella Gateway etc
2) Increased instances of lucid dreaming where you receive messages from your guides and angels
3) Heightened purging and cleansing followed by an increased awareness of your energy field and/or awakening of certain psychic abilities
4) Crossing over into other dimensions either temporarily (astral travel) or permanently (death and passing on)

This can be a trying period for many as we will witness and experience events which are disruptive such as natural disasters, incidences of violence, death etc. So keep calm, stay grounded and work on accessing your higher selves to tide over this period.

Some recommendations on how to work with the Lions Gate:

1) Work with a grounding crystal like the Hematite, tourmaline or smoky quartz to help ground yourself. Take deep breaths while holding the crystal in your left hand and visualising the energy of the crystal going up your arms, down through your body and into the ground through your feet.

2) Meditate with a K2 Stone to help access your higher consciousness and awareness

3) Clear and raise your energy with Palo Santos

4) Discover and Activate your Ascension chakras to develop your psychic abilities and higher consciousness.

With Love, Light & Blessings,