15 August Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

The energies of the Full Sturgeon Moon coming straight off the back of the Lions Gate will prove to be both powerful and empowering.
Those who experience purging or cleansing during the Lions Gate and the previous strong waves of eclipse energy in July, will find themselves in a reflective and evaluative mode.
The release you have experienced and the energy of the full moon in Aquarius will help you to be able to un-attach yourself from the usual emotional entanglements that have bogged you down these few months, allowing you a clarity of mind and energy you have not experienced for a couple of months
now. This is the best time to manage affairs of the heart and make those tough decisions to draw clear boundaries or to give more back to those in your community whom you have neglected.
The Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius is also about giving back to yourself and your community through connecting on a heart-opening level. We are reminded of our vision and the support we have been receiving from our friends, family and the universe. At the same time, we are reminded that the best relationships and support system have clear boundaries and is a process of giving and receiving. Of course while balancing all these, we must remember to take care of ourselves without hurting others, get into our flow and enjoy what life has to offer us, even if we do make a few mistakes along the way. So it’s time to put down your worries and burden, let loose and allow yourself to start swimming through clearer waters of your mind as reflected by the Full Moon.

With love, light, laughter & blessings,