Regroup and Reorganise Your Life this New Moon in Virgo!

Blessings Divine Ones!
This New Moon in Virgo is all about getting started, getting organised and getting logical about the current state of your life. If you find that you have been procrastinating or unable to wrap your head around details of certain projects you want to start, this New Moon is here to help.
For those of you with flightier energies, you will find it easier to ground and get into the practical aspects of life by channeling and meditating during this New Moon. The Virgo energies will ensure that you start becoming more comfortable about the nitty gritty aspects of your life, helping you get through those lists that you have been making but never got around to doing. Or getting started on taking better care of yourself.
The Virgo energies also helps with systemic and logical thinking, so if you are currently challenged on your personal development, career or business, working with the energies of the current New Moon will help you clarify your thoughts while understanding your own flow.

So here are some of the activities that would help you move forward leveraging on the New Moon in Virgo:
1) Making lists and executing what you want to do
2) Getting started on new projects
3) Starting that new health regime
4) Contacting those people in your network that you said you would but never did
5) Working on relationship issues in a more objective manner

This New Moon in Virgo is also great for manifesting visionary and innovative ideas while balancing it with practicality. How do you do this?

Manifestation Exercise for the New Moon in Virgo
1) Write down on a clean piece of paper what your vision is
2) Next write in detail how you see yourself enjoying the fruits of your success (on the same piece of paper)
3) Hold the paper in your left hand or place it under a crystal programmed for manifestation. If using the crystal, place the fingers of your left hand on the crystal
4) Now close your eyes, breathe and ask for guidance on the steps needed to achieve the vision and the success that you see
5) Write down the steps that come to you.
6) Repeat until the steps are clear
7) Leave the paper with your vision and success under the manifestation crystal or place the paper under your pillow for a week

Wishing you lots of blessings and a wondrous new beginning.
Enjoy your New Moon in Virgo. I know I will!

With love, light & laughter,