Release Your Emotions and Rebalance this Harvest Full Moon!

On 14 September 2019 12:32pm (SGP time), we welcome the Harvest Full Moon, this time occurring in the sign of Pisces. This sensitive Full Moon allows our more vulnerable emotions to surface and it is important to treat your emotions in a gentle and compassionate manner, with the intention of nourishing and nurturing yourself first and foremost.

If you have been suppressing a lot in the past 6 months, you may find the emotions overwhelming or be surprised at how much you have been keeping down. At this time, it is crucial to learn to step back, observe the emotions, acknowledge them without judgement, and allow the emotions to pass.
Remember that there is no need to react, to attach and to hang on to these emotions. And no matter what you do, do not avoid or run away from the emotions, or try to rationalise them away or pretend they do not matter.

Your emotions matter. You matter.

Do bear in mind that whatever is surfacing is doing so in order to be cleared, so use the flow of energy that water sign Pisces brings into your life at this moment to clear out these emotions.

The Sun in Virgo also offers us an opportunity to balance our grounded and practical side with the emotional side that is coming up for clearing. This is a good time to reflect on and identify our spiritual needs, to examine if we have created a pattern of swinging from chaotic emotions to over-rational order and control. If we have, then it is time to set the intention to balance.

1) Constantly clear your energy field clear of anything that you are purging and releasing. That way, you can keep a clear and conscious mind and maintain your clarity.
Recommend: Protect and clear your energy field using essential oils such as sage, frankincense or special protection oil blends such as Heart of Wizard. You can also smudge your energy field with Palo Santo. Use essential oils such as peppermint and citrus to help give your energy a boost as you clear and purge your emotions.
*You can purchase Palo Santo here

2) As emotions surface, just remind yourself that the emotion is surfacing for clearing. Do the following exercise to help release your emotions:
– Sit comfortably and allow the emotions to surface. You can close or open your eyes for this exercise.
– As each emotion surfaces, say to yourself, “I acknowledge this feeling/emotion and I release it now for my highest good.”
– Once you feel you have released enough for this session, set the intention for your energy to
balance itself.

3) Have your journal or a piece of paper and pen nearby.
Play some calming music. (This is the music I use sometimes)
Now close your eyes.
Inhale deeply and exhale to a count of 8. Do this a total of 3 times.
Now focus on your heart chakra in the middle of your chest, inhaling into your heart chakra and exhaling.
Ask what your current spiritual needs are. Ask what you need to do for your own highest good.
Once you have received the answer, slowly open your eyes and write it down in your journal or a piece of paper.

Many blessings for this Harvest Full Moon!

With love, light & laughter,