Evaluate for Better Spiritual Growth this Autumn Equinox!

This year, the Autumn Equinox takes place on 23 September 2019 at 3.50pm (SGP time).
As summer ends and autumn energies begin, it is time for us to evaluate how far we have come in terms of our growth, the lessons learnt and our vision moving forward.
This is the best time for us to honour the person we are, the efforts we have made and the results we have achieved so far.
It is also crucial for us to acknowledge mistakes and derive lessons from our failures, and open up internal space for growth.
The Autumn Equinox this year marks the beginning of an inner listening. A time for us to sit quietly and allow the inner voice, the flow of energy within us to emerge. It is only by creating this inner space that you can feel and hear the whisperings of your infinite potential and your guides who are trying to show you the path to your highest good.

1) To hear your inner whisperings, try this exercise:
Find a space where you can be alone. Sit comfortably.
Ground yourself by visualising yourself as a tree growing roots into the ground.
Focus on breathing in and out in a relaxed manner.
Slowly release all the logical, rational and distracting thoughts that your mind is imposing on you.
Now see yourself in a space where all is quiet, and now wait patiently.
The first thoughts that come to you, or the feelings that surface now belongs to your inner voice. Focus on the voice or energy to help it become clearer to you.

2) Write down a list of what you feel you have failed at, and then in a bright cheery coloured pen, write down what insight or lessons the failure had given you!
It could be a failed relationship, project or simply a target you have set for yourself and did not achieve.
If you are unable to gain insight, try method 1 above.

3) Allow yourself to dream. What is the vision for yourself going forward? What do you see yourself doing?
When you have connected with your vision, write down your intentions for yourself moving forward.

4) Time to do a review of your state of energy if you have not done so in a while. You can work with your guides, or come to see us at Ame de Lumiere!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Autumn Equinox!

With love, light & laughter,