Resolution and Connection this New Moon in Libra!

On 29 September 2019 2.26am (SGP time), the energies of the Super New Moon rises. This new moon is all about taking charge of the state of the relationships in our lives, as the sign of Libra is all about finding harmony and balance especially in relationships. If there are particular relationships we are dissatisfied with, the New Moon can help bring clarity on how we actually feel about certain people in your life and how we would like to deal with them. This is a good time to decide which relationships are worth deepening and who we need to cut cords with and let go.

For those of us who find our love lives or friendships unfulfilling, we can evaluate how well we are connecting with people.

Key questions we need to ask ourselves are:

– Are we unable to find our life partner, or have good friendships because we are unable to connect on an authentic basis?

– Do we have the habit of self-centredness and lack of awareness, being concerned only about our own issues thereby lacking empathy?

– Are we overly concerned about others, always placing ourselves last, not giving to ourselves, hence failing to attract love?

– Do we have a heartwall that prevents us from connecting sincerely with people in general?

– Are we haunted by fear of past hurts and betrayal, thereby closing our hearts off?

The energies are also particularly conducive for resolution of conflict. The source of all conflict lies within ourselves. Whatever has manifested as conflict externally can only come from our internal conflict. Hence it is important for us to resolve our inner conflict. Upon doing so, we often find all external conflict dissolving, and those who still have an opinion against us, or who are conflicted, we learn to have empathy and understand that it is their struggle to get through, and send our blessings.

1) Work with Heart Opening Asanas to help open yourself up to receiving and connecting.
2) Manifest your life partner and better harmony in relationships. I will be offering 6 sessions of Love
Manifestation on 29 September targeted at Life Partner Manifestation and Resolution of Conflict in
Existing Partnerships.
3) Try Tantric Heart Release with Raphael to open your heart chakra and connect authentically.

Remember opening to love is indeed the solution to everything.

Happy Super New Moon and sending one and all love energy and blessings!

With love, light & laughter,