Honour & Love Yourself this Full Moon in Aries 14 October!

The full moon in Aries will rise on Monday 14 October at 17:07h (5.07pm), bringing with it the reminder to pay more attention to yourself.

For those of us on spiritual journeys to discover our greater purpose, to fulfill our potential and to awaken to our abilities, we are often more outwardly focused on being a better person. This might mean being more compassionate, more giving, more self-sacrificing and more loving. We seem to
care more about the problems of those that we loved, the challenges and frustrations of our close personal relationships than about ourselves. Many of us end up in situations where we feel drained and tired, even attacked and misunderstood.

The full moon in Aries is here to remind you that this is not sustainable, and what happens to those you love when you collapse or suffer from the overwhelming physical, emotional and energetic burdens?

This full moon, take a step and learn to honour and love yourself first so that you can continue to be there for the ones that you love. It is also a great time to re-examine your personal relationships and decide which ones you need to move away from and from which ones you can draw strength and support. So, take some time for yourself now.

I recommend the following for this full moon in Aries:

1) Pamper yourself. Get that massage, spa, manicure & pedicure that you have putting off.
2) Create some mindspace. You can do a daily meditation. You can also use peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil, simply inhale and the refreshing scent can help clear your mind. Ask us for a crystal that can help you if this. My own favourite is the lepidolite.
3) Spend some time on your own and evaluate the current relationships, and set intentions to draw proper boundaries.
4) Come for a full moon meditation.
5) Send healing to your loved ones.

With love, light & laughter,