Shadow Emerges as Mercury Retrogrades Hot on the Heels of Scorpio New Moon!

The New Moon in Scorpio rises on Monday 28 October 2019 11:38am (SGP time) bringing with it the energy to push you out of your comfort zone and the encouragement to think out of the box.
The New Moon moves us towards having the courage to look at our shadow side and aspects or emotions that we have hidden away until now, including relationships and conflict that we had chosen to ignore or sweep under the carpet. Through assessing our shadow and these aspects, we can gain greater self-awareness and understanding, becoming fully conscious of not just our light but also our shadow, gaining balance and equilibrium in the process, and adding depth and meaning to our lives.
The Scorpio New Moon is also a good time to re-evaluate intimate relationships and close friendships, bravely seeing them for what they are instead of what they were. The energy will assist you to bravely walk away from the relationships that no longer serve you or push forward to resolve those that are for your highest good even if it means enduring a rough patch together. No matter what your path or decision is, embrace this energy and all it brings as an opportunity to transform and heal.

Hot on the heels of the Scorpio New Moon comes the Mercury Retrograde starting on 31 October and lasting until 21 November. Following the emergence of the shadow aspect during the New Moon, our emotions and instincts intensifies, and we generally become more sensitive to our shadow side. This is the best time to explore how denying or acknowledging and embracing our shadow self affects our thought and decision making process.
During this Retrograde, be very careful of over-reacting with negativity and suspicion, as the surfacing negative emotions and shadow may lead to an over sensitive and negative interpretation of what others communicate to us. It is also normal to experience backtracking, regression, delays and obstacles during this period of time. Hence it is necessary to stay positive while acknowledging your shadow and just forge ahead.

1) Keep a clear mind and remain in a neutral and objective state of mind. Do not react instead learn to choose your response. To achieve this, meditate daily. You can also use essential oils such as Peppermint to help clear your mind.

2) Seek help. Do not feel that you have to deal with everything on your own. Learn to reach out for help from family, friends or your friendly psychic and healer.

3) Send blessings daily to yourself, or participate in our New Moon Distant Blessings or Meditation.

It will be a rocky road ahead, dear blessed ones! So hold onto your hats and ride it out!

With love, light & laughter,