Self care and Release this Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon!

Dear Blessed Ones,

We have now landed right smack in the Mercury Retrograde until 21 November. Occuring in the sign of Scorpio, this retrograde allows us to dive deep into our motivations, intuition and also shadow side, presenting us with an excellent opportunity to surface and clear thoroughly the emotions and negativity we have ignored or suppressed in the past. It also allows us to examine our hidden impulses and the reason why we do the things we do, so that we can move forward with more courage. 

At this time we need to try our best to reserve judgement about things happening around us, as it is all too easy to read into situations negatively or even with paranoia. So should you get into such a frame of mind, remember that there is much love and support available to you, whether through your loved ones, or your angels and guides, so release the negativity by revoking access to it, and march on!

This is also the best time to seek help or healing as the energy of the retrograde helps to bring to the surface what you need to clear the most, so reach out now and allow yourself to receive some self-care and healing.

The Full Moon in Taurus on 12 November 2019 9.34pm (SGP time) focuses us on the physical and material aspects of our lives. This is a good time to look at our health regime, to see if we have been taking care of our bodies. The energy is also conducive to exploring physical and sensory pleasures, so allow yourself to indulge your senses in food or art or whatever catches your fancy. The Taurean energy is also great to help with grounding and anchoring ourselves. Meditating with the intention to ground your dreams on this day can be useful, as is working on manifesting career or business opportunities.

So it seems we are in for a bumpy ride in the weeks ahead, with some respite from the Full Moon. Stay calm, keep meditating and seek help where necessary.

Sending everyone blessings and positive energy for this Mercury Retrograde.

With love, light & laughter,