Mercury Retrograde Ends, New Moon Beckons

Namaste Blessed Ones!

Although Mercury turns direct today, it doesn’t emerge from the shadow of the Retrograde until 7th December, so while communication and energies will improve, we will still have to live with some chaos for a while yet. During this time, there may be intensified anxieties especially surrounding your material well-being and abundance, as well as internal power struggles between your expression of power and external validation of that same said power. It is important to meditate to remain calm and clear headed, and it is best not to make any crucial decisions that can significantly impact your life until after 7th December.

We get a respite from the chaos during the New Moon on 26 November, as the strong fire sign of Sagittarius helps bring some illumination and clarity amidst the shadow. It increases the optimism in our energy and also invokes the explorer in us all. This is the best time to relook at some of the recurring problems we have encountered this year, examine and analyse them energetically so that we can understand how our awareness or rather lack thereof could have contributed to the issues. By confronting our own responsibility and accountability in the problems we attract, we are able to broaden our perspectives and find the courage to forge on and even push our own boundaries to climb greater heights. This New Moon is the best time to develop and consolidate your vision and nurture your confidence and faith in self. Do also remember to give your digestive system the care it needs, as the strong fire energy will trigger issues for those with weakened digestive systems.

I recommend the following exercise for this New Moon in Sagittarius:

Sit comfortably with a pen and a piece of paper. 

Make two columns and write the recurring issues you have encountered on the left column. 

In the right column, write down what you feel is in you that attracted that issue. Focus on emotional and energetic reasons.

When you are done writing, set the intention to release those issues in the next few months, and ask for guidance on how to do that. Close your eyes, hold this intention, and focus on inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply as you allow the thoughts to come in.

Finally, thank the universe (and guides) for the guidance and place the paper somewhere you can access easily.

With love, light & laughter,