Access the Energies of Full Moon in Gemini and the 12:12 Light Portal!

Greetings Blessed Ones!

This week, we see a confluence of power packed astrological and energetic events that can help us to level up quickly and evaluate our decisions and responses this 2019 with a clear and expansive mind.

On Thursday 12 December 2019, three powerful energetic convergence creates a once in a blue moon chance of clearing our minds and light bodies and levelling up our energies. At 1:12pm (Singapore time), the Full Moon in Gemini occurs as the Sun is in Sagittarius. This creates a rare duality which allows us a clarity of mind that at once sees in detail and with broadness. The Gemini energies brings practicality and meticulousness to our point of view while the Sagittarius energy allows us to gain a broader perspective. This mental polarity makes it a great time to assess our current situation, our future options and directions while incorporating our broader vision and highest good!

While all this is happening on the mental and emotional level, the 12:12 energies comes in to open up an energy portal that enhances our awareness of the larger vision, our place and purpose in the Universe. This portal is also where we can tap into the flow of unconditional love of the Universe and feel a sense of completion and Oneness while increasing the energy of our Light bodies. The numerological code of 1212 is magnified on 12 December, activating and raising the frequency of light in our bodies so as to open up our consciousness and bring our awareness closer to that of the collective Source energy.

The most effective way of accessing this energy is to activate our own personal Merkaba, a light vehicle within our bodies, described as two pyramids, one inverted into the other, spinning in opposite directions.

Using the time to evaluate your current circumstances and energy levels to determine your purpose and direction is also easier during this period of time.

Recommendations for 12 December 2019:

1) Practise self-love. Give yourself some time and space to do what feels good for you.

2) Tune into your heart. Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. Now as you breathe, direct the breath into your heart chakra and see the breath circulating there. With each exhalation, see all stress, tension, unhappiness and grievance in your heart releasing itself. Once your heart
feels lighter, focus on your heart chakra and hear what your heart has to tell you

3) Meditate.

Have a good 12:12!

With love, light & laughter,