Blessings Divine Ones,
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!

2020 sees the coming of the year of Metal Rat, resonating with the numerological year 4, while the repetitive 2020 energies amplify the effects of the number 22. So what do you have to look out for?

Firstly, despite the general pessimismĀ of the world economy at the moment, and the expectation of recessionary energies, the dominant energy of 2020 is one of flow, opportunities, mental preparedness and action.

2020 heralds in the beginning of a new decade and the 22 energies sees innovation and the sprouting of new initiatives in all endeavours that was begun in 2019. The amplified 2 energy will quicken the growth of ideas which have been seeded in the years leading up to 2020, while the
year energy of 4 brings practical manifestation, motivated action and accountability. This is the year where if you dare to dream, you can make your dreams and visions come true in a sustainable manner. Of course, it does require focus and work and perseverance.

Secondly, opportunities come to those who seek it. In order to accurately spot these “lucky” breaks, you need to have the clarity of mind to look out for it. In addition, the strong water energy of the Metal Rat helps ensure an almost effortless flow and a smooth path ahead if you know how to leverage on the resources available to you.

Finally, the year of 2020 also represents the energy of emotional release and healing, so for those who are keen to embark on reconnecting with your inner self, enhancing your spirituality and/or developing your psychic abilities, this is a great year to do it!

To thank everyone for your continuous support, Ame de Lumiere will be running birthday months promotions starting 1 January 2020. We also strive to keep our emailers on time and informative so as to help you get through the energetic high and lows in 2020. Have a blessed New Year Day!

With love, light & laughter,