Full moon in Cancer & Lunar Eclipse!

It’s All About Balance this Full moon in Cancer & Lunar Eclipse!

On 11 January 2020, 0321h (Sgp time) we see the rise of the Full Moon in Cancer. The significance of the full moon is heightened by the Lunar Eclipse happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

The energy of the Full Moon in Cancer facilitates the release of emotions and thoughts that have been building up in us thus far. This release positions us to become keenly aware of our lack, our needs and where we can improve, providing a perfect opportunity and catalyst for change and evolution. The Cancerian water energy also brings in a flow to our thoughts and actions, allowing for healing and restorative effects.

The lunar eclipse on Cancer- Capricorn axis turns the spotlight on the balance between our personal aspects versus our public persona, creating a polarity where we are forced to examine how to balance the source of our energy and our objectives, what we are giving versus what we are receiving. Common thoughts or questions will revolve around our own needs and attachments and how that plays out against our responsibilities and careers.

During this time, there may be a culling of relationships, or challenges to that we used to hold dear. While this can make for an intense and dramatic time, it can also lead to revelations that can propel us into pragmatic action and growth.

Make best use of this energy by meditating on your own needs and examining how you can achieve balance in your life. And try not to react to events around you, instead calm yourself down, and use the events as chances to spur your own evolution.

Have a good full moon and lunar eclipse!

With blessings, love, light & laughter,