Tap into Courage, Action and Motivation this Full Moon in Leo!

This month, the Full Moon rises in the sign of Leo on 9 February at 3:33pm, harmonising with Mars, the planet of action and motivation. This brings about an opportunity for us to access the courage and passion that lies within us, motivating us to look into the aspects of our lives that needs fixing which we have been putting off. It also pushes us to examine the connection we have with our higher selves and with divinity and humanity at large. Are you connected or ostracised and desensitised? Are you on the right spiritual and inner path? Are your inner and outer worlds aligned?

The Full Moon in Leo allows us to look into expanding our inner light, becoming a better and stronger version of ourselves. This energy encourages growth and evolution, through experience and allowing, through action and response. Alignment can be achieved through the act of gifting and receiving, the act of creation and expression, and finally the act of releasing and pushing past fears that hold us back. If the recent Wuhan Corona virus has been keeping you at home and making you paranoid, this is the best time to understand that all you need is to keep your immune system up, take precautions, and nothing can hold you back.

As this is the first Full Moon in the Chinese metaphysical Year of the Metal Rat, the energy of restoration and healing is also apparent due to the strong water energy of the Rat. So leverage on the energy of this Full Moon by taking time to heal, to receive, to accumulate positive karma, to connect and to take action.

I recommend the following:
1) Take some quiet time and look into what aspects you are passionate about or wish you had more time to do. Then schedule some time to engage in those activities

2) Go out and explore an event where you get to connect with people, to receive and experience new or enjoyable things and to gift and gain some good karma.

3) Meditate on and release your fears or learn to work through them. If you need help with this, schedule a private session with your favourite healer! Or take part in the distant blessing session!

With love, light & laughter,