Get Out of Your Own Way this Full Moon in Virgo!

On 10 March 2020, 1:47am (SGP time), we welcome the Super Full Moon in Virgo where it dawns on us that we are our own biggest obstacle to our happiness and success. The energies of the full moon bring our awareness to areas of our lives which we have been neglecting, largely through overthinking, fear based presumptions and lack of discipline and order. These areas include our health, habit and routine, work and spiritual practice. So this is a good time to start reflecting and reviewing on which areas need improvement.

This full moon heralds an energy of abundance which pushes us to dream bigger visions and plan greater goals for ourselves. It is important during this time to allow space and opportunity for us to grow and expand. The abundance energy also brings up fear and doubts relating to our scarcity consciousness. We come to the realisation that we are our own greatest obstacle to our evolution, happiness and success. We hold ourselves back too much when we lack faith, trust and understanding of our own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

It is time to get out of our own way and instead, leverage on the energy of this Super Full Moon to inspire and motivate ourselves to spend effort on what is going to propel us towards abundant life and mindset.

With all things light and positive, there is always a shadow aspect to be careful of. Mercury turns direct at 11:48am on the day of the Full Moon, amplifying the possible surfacing of negative emotions that we have previously suppressed. Regrets, fear, dishonesty, self-delusion may all emerge during this time, seeking to confuse you and creating misalignment with your highest good. It is important to allow those emotions to pass and trust your strength and courage to help tide you over. Requesting for energetic and spiritual help from the Universe or a healer you trust can also be instrumental in overcoming the negative emotions.

Due to the Corona virus, we have unfortunately suspended group meditations for the month. However, should you need an energy boost, or more clarity on your energy, please sign up for the 10 March 2020 Distant Healing & Blessing Session.

I also recommend to start a daily meditation practice, no matter how short the practice may be, it is the frequency that counts!

Wishing everyone a blessed weekend and Full Moon week!

With love, light & laughter,