Spring Equinox: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

As Mercury just went direct on 10 March 2020, a lot of us are still in the post Retrograde shadow, where we begin to see clearly some of the hidden and darker aspects of ourselves.

If you catch yourself thinking more negative thoughts, feeling angry and frustrated more easily, inclining towards pessimism, scarcity consciousness and procrastination, you are likely experiencing the rise of your shadow side. Other possible symptoms include dark and disturbing dreams, physical pain and discomfort, weight gain, feelings of bloatedness and water retention. The surfacing of the shadow side can help you understand some of the subconscious energies that have been driving your decision making processes. While you might not like what you see, it is a good chance for you to investigate and decide how you would like to improve on making decisions more consciously.

The Spring Equinox on 20 March 2020, 11:49am (Sgp time) heralds the energy of renewal and rebirth, and if you have done your homework understanding your shadow side, you will feel ready to leap to a higher level of awareness and consciousness during this time. The energy of the spring equinox helps us to embrace new light and new life, by planting the seeds of new beginnings. We will also be able to usher in a sense of renewed energy that can motivate and move us forward in fresh positive ways.

In addition, the New Moon in Aries On 24 March 2020 reinforces the energy of new beginnings and fresh start in our lives. It challenges us to resist societal judgment and conditioning, encourages us not to conform to what the expectations of those around us, and to understand our own inner impulses. Only then can we grasp our own uniqueness and authenticity which will allow us to live with confidence, integrity and strength.

Have a great week ahead. Namaste. 

With love, light & laughter,