Shedding and Rebalancing this Full Moon in Scorpio

As Singapore extends its circuit breaker to 1 June, we are already seeing signs of scarcity consciousness everywhere. Many businesses are either closing down or retrenching or cutting staff salaries, causing livelihood fears, financial insecurities, self-worth issues to surface in many people. It is easy during this time to start becoming protective of what one has, further fuelling scarcity consciousness and forgetting all about abundance flow. Such times as now destabilises our root chakras, creating a tendency to withdraw into what we feel safe, cutting off our connection with the outer world, earth, nature, consciousness and spirituality. It is precisely now that those of us already awakened, have to do our part to maintain and even raise consciousness, dispel fear and connect energetically with the Universe, Earth and Humanity. Every little bit of courage, resilience and awareness counts.

Amidst such turmoil, we welcome the Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday 7 May 2020 6.45pm (SGT). This Full Moon brings us an opportunity to do a thorough cleansing and decluttering of all that does not serve us, that currently holds us back and creates a stagnant and stuck state for us. By leveraging on this wave of energy, we can investigate and draw out what lies within our shadow and shed what is not for our highest good. When we
are able to do that, we will be able to make constructive and practical changes, in addition to an increased appreciation of what works for us in our lives, be it loved ones, resources, kindnesses, contributions, inputs etc.

It is also a good time to review relationship dynamics. What are some of the relationship imbalances we perceive in our lives, are there relationships we should distance ourselves from or those we should draw closer? And when we say relationships, we don’t just mean with people, also consider the connection with self, love, money and all that we perceive as important in our lives. Those of us that find it difficult to be objective, find a coach or a healer who can assist with this.

In the meantime, this period will also cause an increased emotional sensitivity for many of us, especially those who are naturally intuitive or psychic. Our intuition and psychic powers may become negatively influenced by our subconscious fears, causing some measure of confusion about our own feelings that might cause us to misunderstand others or give others a wrong impression. To overcome this, we need to be more aware and observant of self, as the root cause of these are issues that have remained hidden in our shadow side until now, hence this is also a good chance to dive deep and release those fears.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for healing during this time, whether it is through an online healing session, meditations or distant blessing. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessing.

With love, light & laughter,