Opening Up to Opportunities and Resources this New Moon in Gemini

We have 2 weeks left until the end of the circuit breaker. There is still a lot of fear circulating, and it feels like the aftermath of the circuit breaker will be tough as many businesses have closed down and people have lost jobs, and with it, their sense of security. All countries are taking a conservative, wait and see attitude, and most borders are closed at the moment, or have been imposed with strict regulatory measures.

There also seems a great likelihood of a second wave of the pandemic happening end of third quarter 2020, going into the fourth quarter. The economy and many industries will take time to recover, and while wellness, health and healing seem to be most pertinent now, we sadly face a situation where healers are feeling trapped and destabilised by the current energies rather than seeing these times as a disruption that spur evolution.

In Chinese culture, crisis is often seen as opportunity. Even during this pandemic and despite all the uncertainty, there is still opportunity for evolution and success. Why? Simply because it takes crisis energy to trigger rapid change, especially in our mindsets. I remember that when we started the circuit breaker, many of my clients were resistant to having sessions online and wanted to wait for after that. However, over the course of a month, many started becoming comfortable with not only online readings, but also online and remote energy healings, online meditations and many joined and gave good feedback on our Psychics and Energetics Club online discussion group. We also received comments that the quality of the readings and healings were not compromised despite not being conducted face to face.

During chaos and instability, it is always about how adaptable and resourceful we are, and our willingness to tap on resources available to us. This relates directly to our abundance consciousness.

If we are trapped by scarcity consciousness, we will forever see the limitations, obstacles and what cannot be achieved. We will then be spurred to become selfish, closed and may even revert to thinking only of survival and losing our spirituality and awareness. This is not a good state for ourselves and will adversely impact the world as well. Hence it is necessary for us to remain open and to tap into our abundance energy and learn to leverage on resources that are available to us.

This New Moon in Gemini happening on Saturday 23 May 2020, 1.38am (SGT) not only helps us to open up to more information, it also brings us insight into our network of relationships and material well-being. This energy allows us to evaluate what resources are available to us, and to strengthen our ability to attract those resources, plus increase our willingness to leverage on others for mutual benefit. So remember to make good use of this energy this week!

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out for healing during this time, whether it is through an online healing session, meditations or distant blessing.
Sending one and all much love, healing and blessing.


With love, light & laughter,