Expand Your Abundance this Full Moon in Sagittarius

Interestingly during this circuit breaker, my energies have evolved rapidly, and the theme of perception, communication, abundance and spiritual evolution are themes that are coming up often in both my own meditations and in my sessions with clients.  

With everyone onboarding the virtual lifestyle, the physical boundaries that previously used to separate us are disappearing and perceptions and modes of communication are changing. Many people are becoming more open to energies as spending time alone seems to have heighten our awareness of our own energy field. 
As a psychic, I see, feel and hear the world in the form of energies. I understand that all energies are impermanent and they flow from one form to another. As such, my work crosses the boundaries of religion, race, nationality etc. I view all these as something personal to our current lives, functioning as platforms for certain lessons to be learnt and experienced so that we can evolve. 

Within my current energies, there is a strong Buddhic lineage where the word “Buddhic” is a Sanskrit term derived from the root “budh” that can be translated as “enlighten”, “perceive” or “awaken. Daily, I seek to see beyond common perceptions and illusions, to practise unattachment and refine my responses to the world rather than reacting by instinct. Working with my clients and interacting with friends, I aim to facilitate the awakening of their consciousness and awareness, to change their perception of the world as a cold place full of struggles, helping them to see the compassion, the positivity and how energies ebb and flow. What comes will go, and all will pass… eventually. 
So, I am especially looking forward to this weekend where we see a confluence of strong energies that can greatly assist our process of awakening, evolution and eventually, hopefully enlightenment. 

Friday 5 June 2020 is Saka Dawa Duchen, the 15th day of the Saka Dawa, a month where the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha Shakyamuni is honoured and celebrated. Whether you are a believer or not, this holy day is one where energies of creation, destruction and evolution of perceptions coincide. The coming together of such forces greatly increases the manifestation and attraction power available to us, and hence is the best time to set intentions to dedicate ourselves to spiritually positive actions. This energy is further amplified by the rising of the full moon in Sagittarius on Saturday 6 June 2020, 3.12am (SGT) which also coincides with a Lunar Eclipse. 

This confluence of energetics allows us to reach beyond our usual habits, mindsets, routines and environments and move towards transformation and transcendence. If we are looking to expand our vision, our abundance energy, our spiritual potential, this is the time to do so. Evaluating our experiences and lessons learnt during this period will also give us new valuable insights and move us forward rapidly towards our greater goals and mission. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for healing during this time, whether it is through an online healing session, meditation or distant blessing. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. 

With love, light & laughter,