Liver Detox Program

Basic Health Principle:

When we are sick, most people tend to take supplements first. This is not right. First you need to detox then take supplements.  Today we are over-nourished but severely lacking in detoxification!  Our ancient forefathers believed in the balance of detoxification and nourishment.  Supplementing is not detoxification; nutrients are not replenished, because toxins are clogging the organs, affecting the absorption of nutrients in the body.  It’s like a room full of garbage. Even if you move in a set of high-end furniture and luxurious sofas, the room is still full of garbage and remains dirty.  Nowadays, when people talk about health, there is always a fallacy, telling you eat this or take these supplements for your health! On the contrary, if you want to be in good health, you must first solve the problem of toxin congestion, instead of putting more things into the body!  All diseases have one common element: CONGESTION!  The essence of health from this is: Unhindered flow and circulation!  The fallacy is when a sick person is having Meridian system congestion, he should take expensive health products, or worse, take medicine. As we all know, when you are caught in a traffic jam, whether you drive a one million dollar car or a S$10k car, you are stuck! That’s because the roads are blocked. Health is the same! When organs, meridians points and blood vessels are clogged, no amount of supplements or nutrients can help.  So to be healthy, the very first step is to unclog the meridians! Clear all kinds of congestion in the body! Detox, Detox and Detox!  Thoroughly clean the internal environment! Good internal environment is like a clean & clear fish pond, where the cells will be alive, and the function of the clogged systems are revived! The body will then be healthy again. Food, nutrients and supplements can then be absorbed!