Nurture Ourselves & Open Up to Infinite Possibilities this New Moon in Cancer

The past week was a trying time for many including myself. I worked with a lot of clients who were experiencing intense clearing, energetic lows, feelings of burden and loss of direction. While I was organising my Gifting Compassion Virtual Festival to help HOME and low wage migrant workers, we experienced technical glitches, email and wifi that went on strike, miscommunications and unavoidable delays. It was challenging but it also filled me with gratitude to see how everyone stepped up to help, made generous contributions and those affected by the delay were being super understanding with the changes we had to make. It made us feel unconditionally supported and loved, and we are grateful to the Universe for giving us the opportunity to experience this. On the spiritual level, when I surrendered to Divine Timing, it resulted in a very enjoyable Festival weekend.

When I finally had time to tune into the energies, I realised why the energies were so intense. This week, we are facing a time of transformation and change on all levels. There are major confluences of energies which are leading us towards new timelines, new world views, new dimensions of being, new energetic states, new and infinite possibility for creation and expression.

Thursday 18 June at 12:59h (SGT), the Mercury Retrograde descends on us and is here to stay until Sunday 12 July 16:26h (SGT). The retrograde energies turn our attention to what nurtures us and what emotions are weighing us down and preventing us from making good decisions for our highest good. We may also find ourselves taking a trip down memory lane, with both pleasant and unpleasant memories surfacing for us to decide how to address and release them. During this time, it is nurturing to explore how to better feed our souls and not just our bodies.

Following closely on the heels of the Mercury Retrograde, we find ourselves facing a trilogy of energies on Sunday 21 June that might blow you away energetically! At 05:43h (SGT) when most of us are asleep, the Summer Solstice comes in, bringing with it a strong energy that allows us to tune into our intuition better and to connect better with Nature and Earth. The Summer Solstice heralds in the energy of expression, bringing to us the courage to stand up, be bold and allow vitality into our bodies, minds and souls.

While integrating the Solstice energy, at 14:41h (SGT), the next wave of energy comes in the form of the New Moon in Cancer, where our emotional needs take centre stage. Our sense of security is challenged by the upsurge of awareness about our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, making this the perfect time to pay attention to and figure out what do we really need to make us feel confident, safe and protected?

The next tsunami of energy rushes in at 15:04h (SGT) when the Annular Solar Eclipse starts, peaking at 16:03h (SGT) before ending at 16:54h (SGT). As the Moon’s shadow covers the centre of the Sun, a ring of fire is created (see picture above). This ring of fire resonates with creation and destruction, release and rebirth, endings and beginnings. It urges us to embrace our experiences and challenges, to breathe and allow space to honour ourselves and our emotional needs, to review and set new intentions, to surrender to Divine Timing and the Universe, to open up to infinite possibilities and new ways of living.

For those of us seeking to maximise and ride this transformative energy,
I recommend the following:
1) Take a deep breath, review your current state of being and set positive intentions
2) Open up to new possibilities and experiences eg astral travel, try a new food etc
3) Give yourself time and space to heal and to feel
4) Honour your own flow and Divine timing

Please do not hesitate to reach out for healing and support during this time, whether it is through an online healing session, distant blessing or joining our Festival activities.
Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings.

With love, light & laughter,