Redefine Ourselves this Full Moon in Capricorn

Recently I ran into an old friend and the meeting triggered some emotions and questions about caring for ourselves versus our imposed responsibilities. At 45, my friend was fatigued and looking forward to retirement and a break from the endless responsibilities from family, from work and from public duty. When I asked her how she was, her reply was her husband and family were well and fortunately both husband and wife still had their jobs. It was so difficult for her to talk about her own well-being that when I said,” That’s good to hear, but what about you? How are you?”, her tears welled up and she couldn’t answer me for quite a while. This encounter got me thinking about all the conditioning from society, our parents, our friends etc that led us to structure our lives in particular ways.

We begin by creating a public persona where we are responsible and accountable to our careers, our family, our children, our friends and society. Yet the more successful our public personas and selves become, the more easily our private selves fade into the background, and often we start to forget about ourselves and what we truly need to be happy.

This Full Moon in Capricorn allows us to review if the structures of self care versus responsibilities, be it in career, home, thought patterns, emotions, energetics and more, have been dealt with in a balanced manner. Rising on 5 July 2020, 12.44pm (SGT) the Full Moon energy gives us an opportunity to discard outdated structures and ideas that no longer work for our highest good and decide how we want to redefine us. This is expedited by the energy of the Lunar Eclipse which is not visible in Singapore but will have its impact on us nonetheless. During this time, we become more psychic and sensitive, more intuitive and connected especially to Nature, our inner selves and the world around us. This is a good time to get in touch with our hearts and explore what our true desires are and perhaps even learn how to follow our hearts. Take a chance and allow our hearts to shape our lives for once.

For those of us who have always suppressed our emotions, there is no better time to work on expressing what have gotten us choked up and frustrated. We will find that with those emotions released, we are able to see the present in a more positive light and from different perspectives, opening up a whole new landscape of hope, goals and visions.

For those that need help during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out for healing during this time, whether it is through an online or in person healing session, meditation or distant blessing. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings.


With love, light & laughter,