Review Our Conditioning this New Moon in Cancer

This is the second New Moon in Cancer in the space of 2 months. The last New Moon in Cancer in June happened during the Mercury Retrograde, and brought a lot of intense clearing and revelations for many. As Cancer is known as a feeling sign, what does this New Moon have in store for us?

Tuesday 21 July 2020 13:32h (SGT) the New Moon rises in Cancer, bringing with it the energy of investigation into genetic, heritage, family, social and cultural conditioning. Being out of the Mercury Retrograde also allows us to be able to see clearly what is important in our hearts and what we want to do for ourselves. This is where the struggle and conflict often lie.

Of course, for many of us, the first step is to clarify and acknowledge what we desire for ourselves. This is often when our own conditioning comes in to disrupt us. Sometimes, it is our own confidence and worthiness issue, caused by constant reminding that we must not be selfish and must always put our family and loved ones first. This is counter-intuitive because it is only by achieving our own highest good can we then benefit our loved ones. Think about it logically. Imagine if we are the sole breadwinners of the family, and we put everyone else’s needs first without taking care of ourselves, causing a mental or health breakdown from stress. How does the family benefit then?

Next, when we figure out what our passion is, we need to be brave enough to step into our own power and do it. Sometimes the most resistance may come from our family and loved ones who are fearful of us making mistakes or failing. However, the most challenging aspect usually comes internally from our conditioning. Since young, we observe and are taught certain modes of behaviour or thought patterns and often these are limiting us because at the core of it, all conditioning is about control. And because conditioning has been with us all our lives, it is only by raising our awareness and consciousness that we can see beyond the conditioning and actually make a decision that is for our own highest good.

The current New Moon energies are very conducive for investigating our conditioning. Here are some constructive activities can be undertaken during this time:
1) Clarify what our hearts’ desires and/or our passion. Do this through contemplative meditation, a birthchart or card reading or a coaching session.
2) List out all fears that prevent us from following our hearts and then meditate on each fear, ask why this fear exists and see if it comes from conditioning.
3) Try a Family Constellation session to clear family and genetic conditioning.
4) Sign up for our Distant Blessing: Clearing Conditioning

Please do not hesitate to reach out for healing and support during this time, whether it is through an online healing session, distant blessing or joining our activities. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings.

With love, light & laughter,