Access Abundance & Higher Consciousness Through Lions Gate Portal this 8 August!

Since the Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, many of my clients have experienced difficulties in grounding, feeling disconnected to real life and some are experiencing signs of anxiety and depression. This is a result of the mental and psychological impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic and a signal from our inner selves that it is time for an energetic change.

So along comes 8 August where the annual Lions Gate Portal activates. During this time, Earth aligns with the Dog star Sirius and light codes of ascension, mastery and evolution are channelled towards Earth. In 2020, this energy helps to lift the veil from our eyes and helps us understand better the relationship dynamics and negative situations that cause disharmony in our lives. The energy enveloping Earth on this day makes it conducive for us to access higher levels of abundance, power, consciousness, and creative energy, all of which are sorely needed at this time. For those of us who are ready, the Sirian energies will also assist to upgrade our DNA, clear and recharge us for better receiving and provide opportunities for evolution.

The Lions Gate Portal also triggers three major Ascension Chakras, namely the Heart Seed, Heart and Higher Heart. The Heart Seed helps with our soul remembrance hence facilitating the access of our past life abilities and power. The Heart allows us to feel worthy and deserving to receive new opportunities while forgiving and releasing past hurts and negative emotions. The Higher Heart assists us to move towards giving and receiving unconditional love. This Lions Gate Portal is extremely important as it is happening at the turn of the decade, amidst much chaos and uncertainty in the world. However, if we successfully integrate the energies, we might just be able to help heal the world, heal ourselves and reconnect with Mother Nature. Afterall, if the ozone layer is healing, something thought to be impossible years ago, there is hope for the world yet.

For those who want to check if you are being psychologically affected by the pandemic, check out the list of symptoms here. Should you need help during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out for healing, whether it is through an online or in person healing session, meditation or distant blessing. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings.


With love, light & laughter,