This September New Moon is the first in a series of Super New Moons and will culminate in a Solar New Moon eclipse in December where a powerful portal opens for new beginnings, awakening and transmutation of chaos into light.

This year has been full of chaos, erratic energies and instability brought on by the pandemic. This New Moon in Virgo brings the opportunity for inner growth and spiritual ascension. Although the existing triggers in our energies may make many of us feel unstable, the instability provides a chance to access parts of our psyche and energies that we might not have before. It is like a crack in the wall allowing you a glimpse into another room.

The Virgo energies heralds in energies of focus and practicality, so this New Moon is the perfect time to reformulate goals, develop and improve upon our powers of analysis, concentration and problem resolution. Leveraging on the New Moon in Virgo, we can start getting down to resolving some of the important tasks we have procrastinated, start a self-care regime, analyze and improve our finances, and anything else that requires attention to details and discipline to follow through.
For those that are more severely affected by the unstable energies brought on by this New Moon, just breathe, centre yourself and do more grounding exercises, including meditation.

Remember to reach out for a distant blessing, healing or joining our activities.

Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste. 

With love, light & laughter, 

PS: The Autumn Equinox is happening on 22 September 2020 so watch this space on this energy update!