Reconnect to Our Inner Selves this New Moon in Libra

This October Super New Moon rises on Saturday 17 October 2020 at 3:31am SGT. The energy around this Super New Moon is intense as it happens during the Mercury Retrograde which begins in the sign of Scorpio and transits into Libra. Leading up to the Mercury Retrograde on Wednesday 14 October 2020 9:04am SGT, many people would have noticed things going a little haywire in our lives and our environment.

For some of us, we may find our laptops, virtual communications and transportation disrupted causing inconvenience and testing our patience. For others, we may feel a lot of energetic, emotional and physical toxins surfacing within us, creating physical and emotional imbalances. Hidden emotions, negative thoughts and insecurities surface during the Retrograde, creating stress, anxiety, worries and fear. However, if we are in tuned with our spiritual selves, this Retrograde is a good opportunity to review and release the relationships, decisions, habits and mindsets that hold us back. If we are courageous enough to go deeper, we will discover that some of these go way back to our childhood and family conditioning, and it is now time to cut cords, forgive and let go of whatever has damaged our inner child and inner selves. By doing so, we allow our energies to open to growth and evolution, motivating us to work towards stepping into our own power and maximizing our potential.

The New Moon energies in Libra assist us with strengthening the connection with our own needs, reminding us to give back to ourselves, rebalance and recharge. By doing so, we can leverage on the Mercury Retrograde which lasts until 4 November 2020 1:49am SGT, to dive deep and do a spiritual clearing and/or awaken the intuitive and psychic powers that may have laid dormant within us. The New Moon also helps us to shed any attachments to past judgements and mistakes that may be holding us back from truly embracing our own power and living life in a joyful, purposeful and fulfilling manner. 

For those that are more severely affected by the unstable energies brought on by this New Moon, just breathe, centre yourself and do more grounding exercises, including meditation. 

Remember to reach out for a distant blessing, healing or joining our activities. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste. 

With love, light & laughter,