Magical Creative Manifestation this Blue Moon in Taurus

This coming full moon is the second full moon in the month of October, making it a Blue Moon. We have all heard of the phrase “once in a blue moon” which is usually used to refer to something that happens very rarely. So this Blue moon, be adventurous and try something that you never thought you would do. Since it also happens to be Halloween night, expect the unexpected!

Energetically the Blue Moon creates an atmosphere of magic, passion and creativity that makes it conducive for us to focus on manifestation. It opens us up to exploring infinite possibilities and learning experiences, which can end up forcing us to step out of our comfort zones. At this time, it is necessary for us to embrace our surfacing sense of adventure. Be willing to relinquish control so that we can break free from old habits and thinking patterns that holds us back and restricts us. We are also led to understand that when we change our relationship with ourselves, we are now able to shift people and circumstances around us in a positive ways as well. 

For those of us who have been diligently doing their spiritual cultivation and work, the Blue Moon also brings heightened clarity and stronger connection to the Universe especially to Divine Feminine and creation energies. We gain insights and new perspectives on how to bridge our physical material needs with our spiritual aspirations. 

The 14 days after the Blue Moon is a prime period for clarifying what you want to manifest and to do focused work on energetic alignment and manifestation energies. So work on writing down your vision, doing up your business plans or writing that list of what you want to see in your love relationship.  

Remember to reach out for a distant blessing, meditation or healing if you feel you want to increase your manifestation energy or gain more clarity on your future plans. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste.  

With love, light & laughter,