Self-mastery & Heart Attunement This New Moon In Scorpio

Happy 11-11!

For many of us, the beginning of November might have been very trying at times. Some of my clients experienced energy crashes, periods of self-doubt and anxiety as we moved into the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde which will last until 19 November. The worst is over though and those who experienced intense clearing can now look forward to a new sense of hope and optimism, provided we did not try to suppress our clearing but really allowed it to happen.

The energy of Wednesday 11 November is a nice gentle start to a series of evolutionary shifts that can happen in leaps and bounds. Hence it is good to take some time today to sit quietly, tune into our hearts and write down what we envision happening for ourselves in the upcoming year. This means penning down visions, crazy ideas, goals and even how we see ourselves a year from now.

Thursday 12 November Pluto, the planet of creative destruction, aligns with Jupiter, the planet of growth and prosperity. This brings about an energetic boost that can motivate us to clear out those relationships, mindsets, negative thoughts and self-doubt long enough to focus on how we can take ourselves to another level. We begin to see how we can bring in more abundance for ourselves, be it through material goals or spiritual healing. If we tune in, we can get a sense of our own power and ambition, as well as what we are lacking to make significant impact and improvements to our lives. This energy also allows us to dive deeper into our essence, to confront desires and ambitions that we did not dare to allow ourselves, all in the name of being practical and realistic. The Pluto-Jupiter conjunction prompts us to be honest about what we want, embrace those desires and make them an essential part of our lives now!

Friday 13 November Mars, the planet of war, goes direct and this is the right time to start being bold, and to move forward with new projects and be not afraid to fail. Those of us that have been doing the spiritual work, will feel a huge confidence boost and projects that have previously stalled will be moved forward with greater enthusiasm.
Sunday 15 November 1:07pm SGT, the New Moon rises in Scorpio, heralding the energy of self-mastery and encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones. It is time to start the manifestation process and focus on how to make the vision and ideas you had written down on 11 November a reality. The New Moon energy supports and facilitates this process of manifestation so long as you open your heart to transformation, healing and evolution.

Reach out for a distant blessing or private session if you feel you need help during this period of time. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste.

With love, light & laughter,