Transformation & Release this Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

The Full Moon rises on Monday 30 November 17:29h SGT, and will be followed by a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that starts at 18:55h SGT and ends 19:53h SGT. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the culmination of an emotional phase in our lives and can bring heightened emotions and awareness on what needs to be let go of and released. The intense clearing and amplified negativity you may experience can throw you off balance, so take note to stay grounded, centred and aware at all times.

The energy of this Full moon helps to draw our attention to the inadequacies and gaps in our current life structures so that we may improve on them. Karmic past life issues that lie in our subconscious will also surface during this time, all the better for us to acknowledge and release them. Pay attention to recurring life patterns, looped thinking and recurring dreams in our daily lives, as they can help point us in the right direction and show us what we need to get rid of. We will also become more sensitive towards where our attachments to beliefs and opinions lie. Once we can see this, we can deprogramme the beliefs and opinions not for our highest good and reprogramme best beliefs into our energies.

At this time, it is best to be careful not to jump to conclusions and make major decisions, as our minds may lack clarity and our inner voices may be weak. Reserve judgement and delay action until clarity and calmness of heart have been achieved.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is also strong during this Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as it heralds the coming of our emotional evolution by bringing light into our shadow aspects, allowing the expression of our more vulnerable emotions. This incoming Goddess energy calls upon us to focus on releasing what does not serve us, resolving communication issues and drawing boundaries within toxic relationships. We do so by leveraging on the Gemini energies to balance practicality vs spirituality, facts vs beliefs, emotional needs vs desires, our lower being vs higher self. So allow yourself to ride the wave of energy and transform!

Reach out for a distant blessing or private session if you feel you need help during this period of time. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste.

With love, light & laughter,