Happy 12-12!

The day 12 December 2020 resonates with the master number 1, and represents the energy of the pioneering spirit, so it is time to bring out the adventurer in us. Except that in this case, it is not to undertake a journey to foreign lands, rather it is to embark on a spiritual journey within. It is imperative that we go where we have never dared ventured before, especially in depth. This can refer to our shadow, our inner child, our highest self, our potential, our psychic abilities or even connections with our guardian angels and spiritual guides. Leverage on the energy of 12 December to release self-limiting beliefs, karmic and past life issues and trauma in our subconscious that is holding us back from creating and living a life of joy and happiness. This is also a good day to find our own inner resonance and to start tuning into our vision for the upcoming year. This day marks the beginning of a cycle that brings us through into 2021 where we will continuously investigate our energies, release what no longer serves us and evolve through healing and moving towards our highest potential.

This energy intensifies on 15 December 2020 12:16am SGT with the rising of the New Moon in Sagittarius. The total solar eclipse that coincides with the New Moon will open up a portal for exponential growth, both within and without. We are led to increase our self-awareness and focus on our self-development. As we turn inwards, remember to show compassion, appreciation and gratitude for ourselves and all that we have been through. When we tune into our spiritual selves, we will find our perspectives broadening. We start to see where we often limit ourselves, especially in the form of self-judgement, self-sabotage, fear-based conditioning, restrictive beliefs, karmic attachments and scarcity consciousness in our subconscious. Leverage on the New Moon energy to transcend our limitations, nurture our visions, redefine our beliefs and carve our an life philosophy that works for us. Use the energy also to consolidate our strengths, find courage within ourselves and embrace change. Most importantly, stay open, observant and then take planned action to create the life you desire.

Reach out for a distant blessing, private session or our free Karmic Release meditation if you feel you need help during this period of time. Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings. Namaste. 

With love, light & laughter,