When the Full Moon rises on Friday 29 January 2021 3:16h (SGT) she brings in interesting energies that can have great impact for us. The Sun in Aquarius opposes The Moon as it rises in Leo, creating a dichotomy where we are forced to examine the conflict between self and greater good.

Our emotional needs in relationships and love are more intense as the full moon illuminates our emotions allowing for revelations as well as expression of those feelings. We are inclined to focus on our personal and individual desires, and creative self-expression will be strong due to the energy of Leo. The Sun in Aquarius, however, forces us to think about the good of the community and how we can work better with others while remaining independent. This sets the stage for inner conflict surrounding the following themes:

  • Reality & Action vs Dreams & Visions
  • Logical Mind vs Intuitive Heart
  • Objectivity vs Emotions
  • What you perceive in the light vs What is hidden in your shadow

All of the above can act as a catalyst for growth and evolution. Our task is to balance and harmonize any inner conflict that may arise. Broaden our perspectives by seeing them as polarities like the yin-yang energy where flow is achieved through the reconciliation of seemingly opposites. This can spur us to go beyond our known capabilities and reach further towards maximizing our potential.

On Saturday 30 January 2021 23:51h (SGT), Mercury turns Retrograde in Aquarius, further amplifying the energies brought in during the Full Moon. Beware of emotional meltdowns during this time, as the Retrograde will bring up any suppressed emotions that we have been containing when we least expect it. The energy is perfect for revisiting past issues and acknowledging old wounds as it is necessary to confront our skeletons in the closet in order to heal properly. Some of us may swing from feeling extremely emotional to a sudden reversion to logic and rationale. It is alright to allow this swing especially if you can reframe and gain new angles and viewpoints on existing issues.

The forward-looking energies of Aquarius also assists us to overhaul old or stagnant ideas and projects as our energies become more inclined towards bolder visions, innovative outlooks and rebellion against the systemic societal thinking.

As Aquarius rules technology and the internet, expect disruptions in these areas of our lives, and learn to be patient.

Reach out for a distant blessing or private session if you feel you need energetic help during this period of time.

Sending one and all much love, healing  and blessings.


With love,
light & laughter,