Keep An Open Mind This Full Moon In Virgo

During the Mercury Retrograde which ended on Sunday 21 February 2021 8:51h SGT, we saw some interesting fluctuations in the energetic environment. This can create a fair amount of disruption and bring out the desire for change. We get to see where our shadowy energies are, and how we can sweep out those corners of our lives that need cleaning up. We might even feel tempted to retreat into our defensive shell as external changes may cause us to feel helpless and in need of protection. I was involved in the filming of a documentary exploring spiritual beliefs during the Retrograde, and the energies heightened the sensitivity of the cast and crew. It allowed me to put to test the theory that things can progress smoothly without negative disruption if the energetic space is held in a stable manner. Despite the first day of filming happening during the Retrograde in Aquarius, usually bringing forth issues with recording equipment and schedule delays, everything went well and on schedule.

Coming out of the Retrograde and moving towards the next wave of energy from the rising of the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27 February 2021 16:14h SGT, we are encouraged to do a quick review of our dreams, visions, ideals, aspirations and resources. Among those, we need to evaluate our resources based on whether our network, experience, knowledge and current assets are enough to help us achieve what we desire. In identifying the resource gap, we can more effectively bridge it.

The energy of Virgo during the Full Moon moves us towards order, clarity and understanding. It motivates us to make changes in our lives that are long overdue. Leveraging on the clarity that we gained during the post-retrograde period, we can evaluate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual regimes and decide what to change. We can put in place practical plans that help us realize our visions and free ourselves from burdens that are no longer our responsibility. It is indeed time to draw clearer energy boundaries so we can focus on what is most important for our energies and more impactful for the world.

While doing this, we will struggle with our inner conflict of our need & desires vs others’ expectations of us, duty vs freedom. It won’t be easy but if we remain in our intuitive flow, adaptive, open-minded and patient, we will be able to turn crisis into opportunities, issues into advantages. Some key messages channeled are: Release our need for control and perfection. Trust Divine timing. Build community by attracting people with similar goals and visions for growth and alignment. Just allow and receive.

Reach out for a distant blessing or private session if you feel you need energetic help during this period of time.

Sending one and all much love, healing  and blessings. 

With love, light & laughter,