The New Moon rises this Saturday 13 March 2021 at 18:21h (SGT). Unlike the previous moon cycles where energies were complicated, turbulent and disruptive, this New Moon is relatively straightforward. We move into a new cycle of replenishment where we are asked to gently let go, relax and recharge physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is time to just let things be for a while, and learn to stop, rest and breathe. In relaxing, we will find it easier to accept the flaws we observe in ourselves and the world, to release resentment and that sense of being out of control, to finally embrace self-compassion and the concept of nothingness. We may then suddenly find that our imagination is set free, and we can now dream bigger dreams and larger visions. We can now fly higher and see things from a higher vantage point. For those of us with psychic abilities, we may find our clairvoyance suddenly awakening or improving by leaps and bounds. The Piscean energies make us more sensitive and yet, in tuning into our vulnerabilities we now have an opportunity for real growth within our grasp.

The Venus- Neptune conjunct during the New Moon throws a sensual veil over all our thoughts. Love, relationships, and romance surface in our minds and energies for us to review and re-align. Creativity overflows and our intuition and empathy become keener and can serve us well in deciding how to finetune the relationships important to us.

Some of us may experience a purging process that affects our digestive systems. Drink lots of water and allow yourself to rest as much as possible. Do take some time to pamper yourself physically or energetically with a massage, Seifu session, or energy healing.

This New Moon in Pisces, it is a time for dreamers and for dreaming, so enjoy as there is more disruption ahead in 2021.

Sending one and all much love, healing  and blessings.  Namaste. 

With love, light & laughter,