Release Ancestral Karma this Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

This May 2021, the world went a little crazy around us. Markets crashing, rising death rates, the pandemic wrecking havoc on people’s emotions and Covid-19 weirdly seems to have a consciousness of its own. So it is not surprising that we see some intense energies coming in this last week of May, so be prepared to ground and stabilize so we can ride through an emotional and spiritual roller-coaster.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius that rises on 26 May 2021 1913h SGT is not just any moon. It is a Super Flower Blood Moon, as the moon turns red for 14 minutes due to the lunar eclipse that starts at 1904h, peaking at 1918h SGT. In addition, it coincides with Vesak Day where the energies of reflection upon aspects of enlightenment prevail.

The Super Flower Blood Moon brings the possibility of expansion, epiphanies and sudden shifts in revelations. The focus this time though is on our divine potential, our family and the ancestral burdens that hold us back.

We have an opportunity to now step back from the material world, where we are addicted to the act of “doing” and have forgotten that we are all spiritual beings with a divine light within us. For those who feel lost, alone and in need of guidance, the connection with the divine self needs to be reviewed and worked on, so as to find love and wisdom.

The Blood Moon also reminds me of the blood that flows in our veins, the link to our ancestral heritage and karma. While we may have inherited gifts from our ancestry, we have also taken on burdens that we carry to this day, without being clear what the karma entails. It is time for us to lay down this burden and recognize that bloodline can only carry us so far. As we leverage on the Super Moon energies to connect more strongly with our divinity, we realise that our biological family may not be the most supportive in bringing love and joy into our lives. We need to create or connect with a new “family” who are of like minds, loving hearts, and where we feel safe and supported to be our true selves. Releasing our attachment to our physical heritage can expand our spirituality and help us create more movement and flow in our lives, leading to more vitality and illumination on the stagnant parts of our lives.

Do remember that resources are available to us, whether it is our own guardian angels and guides, support network or professional help, all we need to do is to ask and reach out for help, so do reach out for a healing, reading or distant blessing in a timely manner.

With love, light & laughter,