Replenishment & Self-Care this Full Moon in Capricorn

The month of June thus far, has been full of disruptions, delays and miscommunications due to the influence of the Mercury Retrograde. This coming week is another interesting week energetically.

On Monday 21 June 2021 at 11:32am SGT, the Summer Solstice heralds in the energies of summer, bringing with it the energies of hope, abundance, power and gratitude. We are asked to celebrate and honour the light within us, setting in motion a period where we have an opportunity to awaken a new level in our consciousness, new creative energies and new beginnings all summer. This is a great time to work on our core identity and ask ourselves the questions of who we are and who we want to become. With clear visions, we can increase our manifestation and attraction energies to welcome more abundance and love into our lives.

In addition, Mercury finally emerges from its Retrograde on Wednesday 23 June 2021 5:59am. It will feel as if a murky cloud or veil has suddenly lifted and we see and hear more clearly now. Disruptions and delays should cease, and projects that had been plodding along seem to start moving smoothly again.

On Friday 25 June 2021 2:39am, the Full Moon rises in Capricorn. With it comes the challenge of examining how we perceive love and responsibility. Do we attach to love as service so much that we neglect our own needs, doing too much just to prove that we deserve to be loved? Do we shoulder so much responsibility that it becomes a burden that can potentially crush us? Or have we forsaken both love and responsibility in the name of freedom? This Full Moon, we are called upon to work on self-nourishment that is balanced with our responsibilities. It is a precarious balance, but with self-awareness and spiritual cultivation, I am sure we can do a good job with this.

During this time, we will need more clarity than ever. It might be tough to figure out what our core identity is. We may be held back by subconscious patterns of behavior that we are not aware of. However, do remember that resources are available to us, whether it is our own guardian angels and guides, support network or professional help. All we need to do is to ask and reach out for help, so do reach out for a healing, reading or distant blessing in a timely manner.

With love, light & laughter,