Navigate Through Darkness this New Moon

These two weeks, there has been a marked increase in negative energies in the environment. We are seeing a lot of deaths and illnesses on the world news, as well as occurring within our circle of family, friends, and pets. There has also been a rise in shadow energies which brings us closer in contact with negative entities. In fact, in the past month, I have worked on more cases where I have to clear spirits, ghosts, black magic, and psychic attacks, than I have in 2020.

All this negativity in the air is also causing delays, disappointments, and disruptions, with most of us feeling heavy and burdened, prone to procrastination, and generally pessimistic. The path ahead seems bleak indeed for some of us. In such times of darkness, it is important to remember that it is only in the dark night where we can see the brightest stars. And soon, daylight will come.

Amidst such energies, the New Moon rises in Cancer on Saturday 10 July 2021, at 9:16am SGT. Emotional Cancer reminds us that it is necessary to have faith in ourselves and trust our feelings especially when things are bleakest. This is the right time to plant the seeds for a fertile future. It is through the experience of light and shadow, good, and bad, that we can spur our growth. Without the dark, there is no catalyst to motivate us to move towards the light, just like the seed that begins its life in the darkness of the soil, and seeks out the sunlight, bursting into the air with vigour. As our energies evolve, the seeds we have planted will progress and grow even if we do not see the immediate effect.

So, in order to plant the best seeds for a fertile future, we need to go back to basics and review the foundation on which we are building our visions upon. We begin by nurturing ourselves and those closest to us. It is appropriate to review our inner circle now and see if our support network of family, friends, partners and community are aligned, and resonating positively with us. It is also best to stay centred and balanced while tapping into our creative flow, and seek out collaborations and partnerships that can benefit us and help us grow. Even if things are not moving the way we want, it is important to stick to our guns, have patience and forge forward with courage. If we do that, we start to experience positive changes, freedom from limitations and increased self-awareness. Setbacks are part and parcel of our experiences at this time, and is a good test of how resilient we are and how much belief we have in ourselves and our ideas, so stay on course and draw strength from your heart and soul.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of a breakdown, do remember that resources are available to us, whether it is our own guardian angels and guides, support network or professional help. All we need to do is to ask and reach out for help, so do reach out for a healing, reading or distant blessing in a timely manner.

With love, light & laughter,