Expansion & Grounding this Blue Moon in Aquarius!

It’s the second Full Moon in Aquarius this Sunday, 22 August 2021 20:01h SGT. And it’s a Blue Moon. Apart from mirroring the July Full Moon in Aquarius, the Blue Moon brings in an energy of major expansion where we are asked to embrace new directions and integrate humanitarian, innovative and technological energies into our lives.

While expansion allows us to dream larger visions and reach further, we must also remember to ground ourselves stronger so that we do not become a rootless balloon and indulge in spiritual mysticism without any practical effect. True expansion can only happen when we are grounded in reality and connected to the world, just like spirituality is only useful when we can integrate it into our daily lives.

We are once again asked to stay on point with our vision, objectives and greater goals, while keeping in mind the contribution we are making to our community and society. Leveraging on the energies, we can increase awareness about the role we want to play in our community and assess if we have the potential to make real tangible impact to the world. If not, we may need to re-evaluate, re-align and take key actions that will allow our light to shine through for all to see.

This is also a time where we will find it easy to make decisions that can drive our evolution and see with enough clarity to understand our core identity. At this time, it is important to remain objective so that we can choose our response instead of rushing into things and taking impulsive action.

Strong energies of good fortune, success, positivity and luck are also coming in during this time. Do not waste them, instead use them to attract and develop that network that can support your larger visions and dreams.

Do remember that resources are available to us, whether it is our own guardian angels and guides, support network or professional help. All we need to do is to ask and reach out for help, so do reach out for a healing, reading or distant blessing in a timely manner. For those seeking to expand their energies, you can try this meditation that activates your Ascension Chakras, channeled by yours truly.
Here you go:

Sending one and all much love, healing and blessings.  Namaste.

With love, light & laughter,