About us

Let us help you begin your journey of self discovery and healing amidst love, light, fun & laughter!

Ame de Lumiere Collective

Ame de Lumiere is a collective of consultants, therapists and energy practitioners. We believe in the need for proper diagnosis of core issues and integrative healing strategies to help those that need to resolve their physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues. We also believe that prevention is better than cure. We customise and design wellness strategies and programmes to assist you to understand your own potential, ie your core strengths and weaknesses, so you can take responsibility for your own healing strategy and make better decisions in life.

Our collective aim is to achieve the following:

  • Serve & Help all those that find their way to us
  • Raise the consciousness & awareness of clients and collective
  • Spread laughter, joy & the habit of laughing out loud
  • Create real social impact through the act of charity & compassion
  • Assist all clients and collective members to attract abundance in all areas of life,
    such as personal development & happiness, relationships, wealth, career and business.

At Ame de Lumiere, we customise and combine methodologies to assist you to resolve your issues in a practical and permanent way. If you are ready for solutions that can be implemented seamlessly into your daily schedule, contact us now.

The Origin of Ame de Lumiere (Soul of Light)

Ame de Lumiere came into being on 11-11-11 (11 November 2011) in the wake of founder Ame's inspired trip to Egypt.

At the temple of Edfu, where the Horus Barque rested, Ame received a strong message about the need for the awakening of the general populace by bridging the gap between the Material & Energetic worlds. She was directed to create a space where light, love & laughter could reign, where the concept of non-seriousness & play prevailed, where abundance was freely received & given.

This space was to assist everyone to activate their journeys of self healing, discover their inner voice, their soul purpose, awaken to their angels and guides, & fully express their power & strengths .

Although the beginning of Ame de Lumiere sounds like something straight out of a fantasy movie, Ame herself is grounded in the material world as she had owned several successful businesses before she found her calling.

Hence at Ame de Lumiere we believe that to truly shine our light onto the world, we must be able to balance the practical realities of life with the intangible world of energetics.