Amelia Kang (Ame)

Amelia Kang (Ame)
Founder of Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy Singapore
Energy Medicine Practitioner,Metaphysician,
Holistic Consultant,Entrepreneur

Amelia is a rare talent who has successfully integrated and balanced the realms of Energy Medicine, Metaphysics and business, both personally and professionally.
An intuitive entrepreneur, she possesses a strong ability to spot and develop human potential into sustainable and profitable businesses. Her speciality is in businesses that enhances the quality of life and raise consciousness.
Amelia as Holistic Consultant specialises in troubleshooting and resolving both practical and energetic issues through combining her East-West training. Using a balanced approach of practical & metaphysical methods, she assists clients and businesses in developing integrative strategies to greatly enhance their quality of life in areas of personal power, relationship dynamics, business decisions, self-development and health and wellness.She is trained in Chinese metaphysics under the Four Pillars of Destiny and the Flying Stars Xuan Kong system. Her Western metaphysics specialities include Energy Reading, Oracle Card Reading, Crystal Therapy, Past Life Reading, Channelling and Energy Medicine Amelia’s awakening happened in 2011 at the Egyptian temple of Edfu (where the Horus Barque rested). There, she received a gift of energy from Horus that accelerated her strong to create Ame de Lumiere (Soul of Light), a space where people can be empowered to achieve happiness, lighten their burdens and attract love and abundance.

She also recently organised the First edition of Universe of Sound Festival (www.universeofsound.live) and the second edition of the Festival du Feminin in Singapore. She is also actively involved in charity and social change work.