Andrew Rosenstock

Andrew Rosenstock
Healing Artist and an E-500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher

Andrew is a highly sought after international Healing Artist and an E-500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher. He loves anything and everything to do with helping people get back on the path to health and wellness and realigning themselves with their true nature.

A believer that no single system is fully perfect in itself, Andrew continues to study widely in the numerous methodologies of therapeutic and healing modalities, to fill the holes within each specific system. He engages in a dynamic combination of Western Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics. Drawing from his wide “toolbox” of knowledge and experience, Andrew serves up unique custom made treatments for what is presenting itself in YOU. These include Deep Tissue Bodywork, Structural Myofascial Reshaping, Energetic Healing, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and much more.

He holds multiple certifications in Esalen Bodywork, Thai Massage, Sound Healing, Craniosacral, amongst others. Andrew is also a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 trained Teacher, a student of The Integrative Yoga Therapy 1000hr Yoga Therapist program. He is also certified in numerous other Yoga modalities

1. Story of your Journey?

I started my journey as a child, was always into alternative ways of thinking, studied basic philosophy and understandings of many religions as a way to understand metaphysics. In high school and college many of my friends would always offload their issues on me as I was a good listener and compassionate and empathetic. Years later I would learn how to listen, help but not take on. Was told throughout my life that I should work in massage but always avoided my path until my path finally caught up with me. While living in SF I took my first yoga class and that opened the gate. From there I began to study more about yoga… about the energetics and philosophy of life and living. Eventually learning thai massage as a compliment to yoga, and then wanting to learn more and more I would take whatever the universe sent my way. I was being sent exceptional teachers who all seemed to think in a non conventional way about the body, the mind, the soul… whatever. All were different but all had a similar way of thinking. A natural sceptic, I had to learn everything not on faith but by experiencing and deeper studies. A balancing of the left and right brain. Science and faith.

2. Your vision or hope?

My vision and hope is to inspire change in people. Working with a physical, energetic, mind and/or spiritual level to bring about health and wholeness in people. I want people to leave feeling “lighter” as if whatever weight is holding them down and from being their truest self is lifted.

3. Introduction on your healing session?

I work with various modalities and no two sessions are ever the same, as no to people are ever the same (Even twins!) We’ll meet before the session (either just before or days before or by phone if needed) to get an understanding of what the issues may be. with the recognition that what the belief of the issue is may not be what the actual cause is. From there we’ll decide together what is the best way to approach the session. Maybe more physical to release physical/energetic blockages, or strictly energetic work. I find generally there is no one technique that works to do all, which is where blending a little of this with a dap of that and a drop of this really helps to create a customized and more ideal healing session.

It also may be best to work through iRest, which is a blending of traditional yoga nidra with mindfulness and clinical psychology. (some have called yoga nidra a cross between deep rest, meditation and hypnotics)

If The Reconnection, this is a special once in a lifetime healing session. The Reconnection takes place in two separate sessions, usually on consecutive days. This is a very precise protocol which activates several sets of meridians and points of the body's axial system, reconnecting them with the larger axiatonal grid of the universe as well as the electromagnetic ley lines of the earth. Often after receiving a session of Reconnective Healing, people want to take advantage of the transformation and evolution available through The Reconnection. Many people report rapid development in various areas of their lives or an acceleration of their Life Path after having The Reconnection done.

4. What is expected to feel during the session and after your session?

I usually say to not have expectations as they usually get in the way of what actually is. But that doesn’t sell well. 🙂

For Esalen/wholistic massage: One may feel lighter afterwards. Calm. Connected. More at one with themselves. More in tune with who they are and where they are now going.

Intuitive healing: Many healings are reported to occur immediately, and many take place over the following days, weeks or even months. Many dramatic healings have taken place without the practitioner knowing what kind of healing the client seeks. Often the client may receive a different kind of healing than they originally hoped for. Besides relief of physical symptoms, healing may also take the form of release of long-held fears or anxieties, insight into troubling issues, or improvement in relationships or other areas of life. Clients may also experience a feeling of calmness, connection to a higher force, or blissful emotion

iRest: To being to start to understand the limiting fears, traumas, brokenness, sense of unwhole-self not from the view of the mind and the past but from what they really are, where they come from and how to recognize them, accept them and move forward (all in your own time) to become the whole, loving, wonderful self you are. (spoiler alert, that self is currently here now, but the beliefs and blockages are what spoil you from seeing you in this way)