Birthday Blessing by Ame

Time: 11pm SGT
Ame will give birthday blessings on the day of your birthday for those that register for this service.
Energy Exchange: Complimentary for clients active in last 6 months

This Ame de Lumiere turns 10 this year on 11 November 2021!
As a special thank you to the clients that have supported us consistently throughout the years, we are introducing a special service starting from 1 March 2021.

You will be sent a short birthday message with the blessing and any channeled messages there after.

Only clients who have been to see us or taken part in our paid events or distant blessings in the past 6 months are eligible for the complimentary blessing. Should you want to send a birthday blessing to a loved one, the blessing is available at $38 per pax requested.
Blessings to all!

Book through WhatsApp +65 97492857 or email: 

What is Birthday Blessing?
This is a blessing where you don’t have to be in the healer’s presence for it to be effective. This blessing is done from a distance where your energy is accessed remotely. Hence this can be done not just for yourself but also for your family. Please note that this is not an online session and you do not need to be in communication with the healer.