Blessings Journal

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” - Eric Hoffer

When we are aware of our blessings, we can transform all experiences in our lives into positivity. A Blessings Journal helps us to do just that. When we revisit the Blessings Journal especially in difficult times, we will be grateful and appreciative of all we have gone through, and able to put the challenges into context, reframing them in a positive manner.

Start a Blessings Journal where you record any of the following:
- Your loved ones and how they express their love
- People who have contributed to your life experiences
- Happy memories, past and present
- Any gifts you have received, whether physical, emotional or spiritual
- Any kindness and abundance you have been shown, even those that are unexpected
- Things in your environment you enjoy eg the smell of fresh cut grass, a beautiful sunrise etc
- Instances of good luck, eg finding a convenient parking lot in a crowded mall

The Challenge

And for those of you courageous enough to attempt this, record in your Blessings Journal seemingly negative, painful & difficult experiences, and see if you can see the silver lining in the situations.