Body Code

By Monika

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The Body Code System

Dr. Bradley Nelson – chiropractic and the father of The Body Code System discovered that there are many imbalances that can cause physical and emotional symptoms in our bodies. Working in a chiropractic practice he was able to help many of his patients, but not all of them. This is when he started to look for answers. Eventually, he found them and made a structured, easy and powerful Body Code System. The Body Code is a form of “energy work” where the imbalances in the body are identified and released. These imbalances may be physical (structural misalignments), emotional (Trapped emotions), mental or even spiritual. Body Code is the most advanced healing system on the planet that deals with symptoms on all levels. Basically, the Body Code is all about removing imbalance, so that the body can start to heal itself.
Like everything in this world, our body is pure energy.

When a negative emotional energy is introduced, a trapped emotion for instance, it can distort the normal energy field of the body. When this energy field is distorted, bones can misalign, organs and glands may become weak, meridians may congest. Eventually, the body starts showing physical or emotional symptoms because that’s its way of “telling” that something is wrong. According to Dr. Nelson “anything can cause anything” – for instance a single trapped emotion of anger can cause
heart palpitation.

Energy healing promotes balance in our body, mind and spirit and supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is gaining more and more recognition now as a valuable and effective addition to conventional medical care.

The human body has a powerful ability to heal itself if we provide the right conditions. Body Code is able to provide those conditions.

Body Code can help you with following issues:

The Body Code may bring relief and help with following issues:

  • Physical problems, such as chronic discomfort or dis-ease: insomnia, headache, infertility, asthma, allergies, digestive issues, skin problems and countless other conditions
  • Emotional or mental issues, such as depression, addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD etc.

What happens during a Body Code session:

Our body contains all the answers. The problem is that the answers are usually hidden. They are stored in our subconscious mind. We use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to find the imbalances that are causing the symptoms. When the imbalance is found, we release them by rolling a magnet down the governing meridian (back of the spine). The governing meridian governs all the other meridians in our body and by taking the imbalanced energy out of this meridian we are taking it out of the body. Why magnet? Because the body is made of electromagnetic energy and the magnet literally pulls the trapped emotion or other imbalances away from the body.

Dr. Nelson found out that 80% of all imbalances are caused by Trapped Emotions – these are emotions that we felt intensively in the past and became trapped (lodged) in our body. We are not aware of these emotions but our subconscious mind is. Once we find a trapped emotion and release it – it’s gone forever.


I have known Monika Wyss for around 4 years and I have attended in that time many of her incredibly powerful Family Constellation sessions that allow you to break free of limiting beliefs around your success or emotions. Monika is an incredibly gifted and huge-hearted professional who knows her work intimately.
Recently I bumped into Monika and noted that she was conducting sessions with a system called the body code or emotion code and upon further investigation came to find out that this system she was practicing focused on releasing negative trapped emotions and therefore pain and discomfort from the body.
At this juncture its important to note that I have a core belief and have researched and proven to myself countless times the fact that all disease, pain or physical ailments are all derived from trapped emotions and beliefs which I have not released.
Interestingly and shortly after discovering that Monika was practicing the body code I developed what can only be described as a searing pain in my right arm that could only be likened to deep nerve pain or what I feel it would be like if I was experiencing a heart attack or stroke. The pain was severe and was an 11 out of 10 on a pain scale and frankly scared me silly.
After taking a precaution and having my heart checked and being checked for stroke within the medical system, I made an appointment with Monika. When I visited Monika I had been experiencing the pain continuously for over a week and it was not getting any better. What appealed to me about this session with Monika was that it was a very simple process and involved nothing but questions using kinesiology and a magnet to help facilitate the release of the emotions.
After an intensive 1 hour session and much releasing (I can generally feel emotional releases through a physical transformation of my body) my arm had halved in its intensity and after a further 12 – 18 hours the pain had all but vanished. The process was so simple and yet so effective. All I had to was
sit in a chair and have Monika ask not so much me but my body very simple and clear questions to allow my body to respond yes or no, once an issue was discovered a simple rolling of the magnet was all that was required to release the trapped emotion.
I love sessions that are simple and effective and Monika combined with the Emotion / body code is as simple and as effective as it gets. Her work is powerful and I always have positive powerful results from working with her.
I cannot recommend Monika Wyss highly enough and urge you to try her in order to help you maintain a positive vibrant life.- Darcy, KL 2014, Body Code Client