Breath Release and Tantra Consciousness Circle

By Raphael

Date: 4 September 2019, Wednesday
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: Pay what you want (Recommended $50)*
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
One Commonwealth, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #08-22, Singapore 149544

In this circle, Raphael takes us on a journey through our chakras, centering in the heart, where our humanity and divinity meet.
Using the power of our breath, Raphael guides us in opening channels within ourselves. Incorporating both ancient pranayama and breathwork techniques. This enables us to clear blockages on all levels of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Only in learning how to centre ourselves in love and compassion, are we able to explore our own boundaries and the boundaries with others, thereby creating a pure, deep and loving connection with ourselves and others.
Join Raphael as he helps us empower ourselves in our constant learning to connect with others in a safe, respectful, harmonious way in the flow of life.
Please dress comfortably as there will be some simple movements in the course of the breathwork circle.

Register through WhatsApp or text: +65 97492857

All proceeds of this breathwork circle will be donated to the Women Empowerment Project Belakang Panggung The Musical by Lentera Sintas Indonesia. Proof of donated proceeds will be published in September emailer and/or social media.

Belakang Panggung The Musical
Speaking Up, Individual Empowerment, Change.
The musical is about a theatre company who is putting together the epic Rama Shinta show. In the process, many disturbing things are happening backstage. How will the characters handle the abuse being done to them, in the midst of the pressure and consequences of real life?

Staging realities about sexual abuse and harassment happening in our daily lives is a way for us to educate the community to be more open, aware, and wise in dealing with these issues. Truthfully facing these issues, can prevent young boys, girls, teenagers, and women against sexual abuse.

Lentera Sintas Indonesia works towards creating an environment where it is safe and friendly for survivors to speak up. LenteraSintas Indonesia started as a support group for sexual violence survivors in 2011, before setting itself up as an NGO in 2013, focusing both on support group and campaign activities.

Please click here for more details on this Women Empowerment Project Belakang Panggung The Musical by Lentera Sintas Indonesia.