Have an issue that you can't seem to resolve?
Do you find negative patterns and situations recurring in your life?
Do you find yourself increasingly overwhelmed by your own emotions or situation?

Many of us experience challenges in our lives due to root causes that are not immediately apparent. When we try to treat just the symptoms, we get frustrated by constant failure and even feel disappointed with ourselves.

To fully resolve issues, it is more efficient and effective to work on the root cause rather than the effects.

And for that you need courage and experts to assist you with accurate diagnosis, so you can address the core issues and determine a holistic strategy for resolution and release.

Chart & Energy Reading

by Ame

Energy exchange: USD130 per 60 mins

Zoom/Skype Consultation is available.

*Payment has to be made prior to the online session

Using a combination of Chinese & Western metaphysics, Ame assist to diagnose your core issues and co-create the best strategy to resolve them.Your birth chart allows her to see what your strengths and weaknesses are, and her reading of your energy field can determine how aligned you are to your natural flow. She is able to help you understand whether your issues are a result of the chart you are born into, or due to social conditioning or simply because you lack balance between your rational and intuitive aspects.

If you are ready for a holistic solution that takes into account both practical and energetic methods, then come for a reading with Ame.
The reading can be applied to personal development, ability development, relationships, career, money and business.