Decluttering & Organizing Service

By Karina

Energy Exchange: $480 for 3 hours (Each additional hour: $150)
Date/ Time: To be announced
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Decluttering and Organizing Service
A 3 hours visit at your preferred premise with hands on support to sort out clutter with a special system in place, which is a different system from Marie Kondo. This system is a gentle, yet effective way, which reduces the overwhelming emotions and supports the decision-making process of letting go.
After this supported session, you will be enabled to pursue the further decluttering process on your own by using the system you were taught. Additionally, there is a one-month online counselling via email or Skype/WhatsApp, which will includes guidance and advice from Karina if you have upcoming issues during the process.

Note: Please prepare 5 big moving cardboard boxes or similar sized boxes/containers and garbage bags.

Decluttering – a well-organized process to free your space, your mind and your life

Did you know that we only use 20% of our household items, tools, info material, clothes etc. at 80% of the time? - This is called the 20/80 rule

The rest of the items either sits, hangs or are stacked up in cupboards, shelves, boxes, wardrobes or garages and takes up space – and your energy. Junk mail, old newspapers or magazines piling up, the untidy space under the stairs or the unsorted papers on your desk, from unpaid bills to mismatching socks, this all
permeates more aspects of your life than you think. It slows and weighs your life down also on all many other levels. - It is called Clutter!

All these long overseen, tolerated filled niches and corners or stuffed up cupboards are often underestimated on the influence on our mental, emotional and physical

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is the right flow of energy. Clutter prevents the energy flow, resulting in a lack of clarity or focus. Also causing stagnation and inefficiency in all the professional, creative, romantic and spiritual areas of your life. Which may also be to the point of becoming over-stressed, irritable and depressed on the personal level. When the energies are stuck and stale it also creates a sense of your home being unbalanced and out of harmony and you might feel something is not right.

Clinging to items from the past which you just don’t want to dispose of. Thinking that you might need it in the future or because it is an expensive piece, or it could be a present you feel obliged to keep. This clutter not only takes up space in your house, but also your mind. They slow you down and hold you back. Clearing out your home helps to open up the space for your future and to move towards your dreams.

The system which Karina Sirimana from “Hearts and Homes in Harmony”, works with a set of labeled boxes and a set of questions. This systematic approach makes the first stage of sorting out much easier and you can use it for all areas, be it a drawer or a garage.

The next steps will be going through the boxes, where everything is already presorted, and it is much simpler as it gives you the peace of mind and soul, because then you are in control of your stuff and not the other way around.

Karina also focus on what you need in your present life. Not in 5 years from now or what you needed 5 years ago. Therefore, during this process some items have to be discarded or be stored (like hand-me-downs for younger siblings) in order to create a space for what you really need currently.

Decluttering can be overwhelming, but with this system in place and Karina’s support to guide you gently, but efficiently. Through the step by step process of sorting and clearing out will be truly rewarding!
You not only create a space that you are surrounded by items, which you really like and that make you smile every time you see them. You also gain new clarity and augmented creativity. You will be able to notice how much more energy you have, your mood and confidence improves, and your stress eases out. You create more time for yourself and your loved ones and you realize how much lighter and happier you feel, when all the depressing stuff is cleared out.

Decluttering is one of the basic prerequisites of Feng Shui before the actual cures and enhancers can be implemented, therefore this service is an essential part of the “Heart and Homes in Harmony” offers.


Before Karina helped me de-clutter my unit, I was lost – along with many of my things - because I couldn’t remember where I had placed them. Fortunately, we found many of them through the decluttering process...

The pictures below show my desk before and after. I am very proud of the result, because by applying Karina’s formula, I was able to declutter my home office all by myself!

Beforehand, all kinds of documents, such as ads, flyers, letters, important receipts and bills, had all piled up together, which along with other stuff on my desk meant it was difficult to track or find anything. This clutter cost me so much time as I was constantly searching for things or papers; plus a lot of frayed nerves because I was incurring all manner of late payment fines!

When you compare the two photographs you can see how everything has now been cleared. With the cupboard and filing cabinet in place I now have a system that provides order. I have an overview of all documents; can find everything easily; and importantly feel for the first time that I am in charge of things, not the other way around.

Karina and I started with the initial piles of clutter in my unit and proceeded step by step. We chose the least important room first. There was no pressure on me as I could decide in my own time what to discard; what to give away or donate; what needed a better place or purpose in another room; and what I wanted to keep. I even had a box for “I don’t know yet” which made the whole process less overwhelming than I had expected.

Karina is very calm, non-judgmental and crystal clear. For those occasions when I got a bit lost in my thoughts and memories, she gently brought me back on track. Within a short space of time we had completed the first room.

Karina’s system is easy to learn and can be applied to all kinds of situations. Having had her help in the beginning, I was then able to complete the de-cluttering of my entire unit at my own pace, one room after the other. The best thing was that I could ask her anything even after her visit. When I felt lost again, I would send her a text and she would calmly guide me back to clarity; suddenly that next big pile didn’t look so intimidating anymore!

I am very grateful to Karina for the new look in my unit. Without her help with the physical work as well as the mental support, I would still be stuck with my previously stressful, cluttered life. Now I feel that all the old stuff that depressed me is out of the way and new doors have been opened. I can finally move forward with my life.

I highly recommend Karina to anyone that needs help to re-organise their cluttered lifestyles. I wish her every success because I know she can help many more people who, like me, were lost and overwhelmed and in need of being shown the right path to clearing away unnecessary stress.- Cheryl Williams, Adelaide, South Australia

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