Distant Blessing

Distant Healing & Blessing Group Session

Release Self-Limitations Super Full Moon Blessing by Ame

Date:Tuesday 27 April 2021
   Time: 7pm – 11pm SGT 
Energy Exchange: $38 per pax requested 

Many of us are often blocked from fulfilling and maximizing our potential by self-imposed limitations. Emotional frustrations, over-thinking, blame, judgement, and procrastination are all part and parcel of the after-effects of the block. Many do not realise that the same energy used up in negativity can help to illuminate and develop your potential.  Ame will tune into what the root cause of your self-limitations are, and what prevents you from living a  joyful abundant life.

You can send this healing and blessings to yourself and/or your loved ones. Just send us the full name and birthdate of the person you are requesting the healing and blessing for. If you do not have the birthdate, then send us the full name and a photo.   

You will be sent a quick note of recommendations and issues to take note of after the healing. This will be sent to you within 3-4 working days after the session.      

*Please indicate if you prefer the acknowledgment note via email or Whatsapp.
*Please note that your slot will only be confirmed once payment is received.
*This is a mass sending of blessings but each individual will be given attention in turn. Limited to 25 individuals.

Book through WhatsApp +65 97492857 or email: events@amedelumiere.com.sg

What is Distant Blessing and Healing?

This is a review or quick fix for your energy where you don’t have to be in the healer’s presence for it to be effective. True to the title, this blessing and healing is done from a distance where your energy is accessed remotely. Hence this can be done not just for yourself but also for your family. Please note that this is not an online session and you do not need to be in communication with the healer.

In order for this to be effective, one or more of the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  1. The healer needs to be familiar with your energy
  2. Your full name, birth date and gender are provided
  3. Your photo is provided


What should you be doing during the Distant Blessing and Healing Session?

Just make sure you are not doing anything intense or strenuous during the session. You don’t have to be lying down, but just do everything in a relaxed manner if possible.

How often can you do Distant Blessing and Healing?

While there is no hard and fast rule to this, you can generally do this 2 to 3 times a month in addition to your usual meditations, healing and spiritual work.

What happens after the Distant Blessing and Healing Session?

A short report will be sent to you within 48 to 72 hours from the end of the session. You can do short clarifications and ask questions via Whatsapp or email. However, if the questions are too complicated, a private session may be recommended.


Distant healings for me are like a bi-monthly check-in, to highlight what is it in my energy I need to work on. Esp useful for when things get busy and it brings up things I might have missed. Also, love the convenience of it. I used to think I had to be present to attend the distant healing sessions, but it’s remote, and I can go about my day as per normal, have my energy cleared, and get a customized report a few days later 🙂 Highly recommended for anyone - first-timer or otherwise! - Ling

Ame’s distant healing is nothing short of ingesting little miracles and revelations that I can integrate into my life. Ever since I started on the journey, anything that I’ve already felt and suspected, Ame picks it up during distant healing and shifts the negative energy into positive. Ever since then, I have been able to integrate the advice that comes from distant healing to adjust my abundance, work, and behavior. As I’m working in a demanding environment, the distant healing was also able to provide much-needed relief and rejuvenation. Integrating the advice from the distant healing, I am able to make energy shifts from month to month and it helped me yield desired results in my work and personal life. As they say, many small changes eventually add up to a big transformation, this is true after picking up distant healing for more than 6 months.
The best part of it? I don even have to do much, just sign up, let the energy do most of the work, seek the growth that our highest self needs, and then WALA! - EC