Distant Blessing: What is Holding You Back? Access Your Courage, Action
and Motivation this Full Moon in Leo!

By Ame

Date: Sunday 9 February 2020
Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Energy Exchange: $38 per pax requested

This distant blessing is suitable for those wanting to understand what is blocking you from achieving the success or growth that you want. It is also helpful for those who want to know more about the fears that they need to release. It includes an infusion of positive energy to help boost your courage and motivational energy.

You can send this healing and blessings to yourself and/or your loved ones.
Just send us the full name and birthdate of the person you are requesting the healing and blessing for. If you do not have the birthdate, then send us full name and a photo. You will be sent a quick note of acknowledgement as well as some recommendations or issues to take note of after the healing. Please indicate if you prefer the acknowledgment note via email or Whatsapp.

*Please note that your slot will only be confirmed once payment is received.
*This is a mass sending of blessings, but each individual will be given attention in turn. Limited to 18 individuals.